For Sale on Girl and the City!

Prada sandals à vendreMiuMiu sandals à vendre

A Friday sale on Girl and the City to get in the spirit of things! A very fashionable friend who works at a major fashion house is selling a selection of shoes and other items. To view a complete list please send an email to me at and I will forward you the images which have prices and sizes listed. Bon weekend and happy shopping! xox

Advance notice!

Christian Louboutin & Oprah Winfrey

Getting your fashion-obsessed friends in New York (and/or the rest of America) to record an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show isn’t a usual “must-do”, but with a special episode featuring shoe-designer Christian Louboutin to be aired on January 18th, you will want to start lining up those friends and their DVD players. Or if you’re super organised you can slingbox it. Either way, notice has been given: Oprah! Christian Louboutin! A mini-film of Christian in Paris! January 18th! Ooh la la!

Must be Santa?!

We all know that good communication is key to a successful relationship – so this Christmas, when gripes run aplenty, but everyone should be happy – save yourself some pain and register with Santa’s Helper on! This cheeky little virtual adviser will tell your honey what you really want via a personalised video message!! All you have to do is fill out the online questionnaire and hopefully “Santa” will take care of the rest!!

Tenue Glamour Exigée

Tonight I am organising a group of friends to attend the fabulous Gentry Lane’s Gentry de Paris Burlesque Revue. However, since this weekend, I have been wondering what to wear! This season I have adopted dressing up for the simple pleasure of dressing up. That means leaving the jeans at home, and always putting in that extra effort that makes one feel pretty, and ready to be charming at a party.

On Saturday night I decided to wear a fuschia empire baby doll dress to Rossy de Palma and Etienne de Swardt’s party in the Orangerie de Bagatelle. After all, the theme was about roses, so it seemed obvious! But tonight, with burlesque on the menu, and “tenue glamour exigée”, I have been thinking about which Fall trends would be most at home.

Though this season was more subdued, stand-out accessories are really the perfect recourse to create an effortlessly glamourous look. 

I am thinking of Roger Vivier’s Rose ‘n’ Roll sandal:

Leather and Satin Rose ‘n’ Roll sandal by Roger Vivier

Or Burberry’s black matte leather corset belt:

Black matte leather corset belt by Burberry

You can’t really go wrong channelling Dita von Teese’s cinched waists and 1950’s glamour. In fact John Galliano’s Fall 07/08 collection for Christian Dior would be perfect!

In any event, half the fun of dressing up is seeing what others are wearing, so I can’t wait to see people’s interpretations of tenue glamour tonight!

Gentry de Paris Burlesque Revue

Gentry de Paris Burlesque Revue, from 20h00

Divan du Monde, 75 rue des Martyrs, 75018 Paris, M°Pigalle or Abbesses

60 reasons to say I love you!


I shudder to think of a world without Repetto! – no respite for your sore tootsies after an evening of dancing, the panic to find some other flats that look impossibly chic in a matter of seconds, and an end to toe cleavage! Thankfully we don’t need to envision a world without them, which gives us all the more reason to celebrate their 60th anniversary! To mark the occasion 60 artists, dancers, designers (like Jean-Paul Gaultier) and actors (like Catherine Deneuve and Charlotte Gainsbourg) have each designed a custom pair of shoes, which will be exhibited in their rue de la Paix store from September 27th! (an avant-première was also available at the salon du prêt-à-porter). Additionally, Colette will also be selling the famous Brigitte Bardot flats starting September 20th! I hope to be first in line! 😉

Repetto, 22 rue de la Paix, 75002 Paris, 01 44 71 83 20, M° Opéra

Also Mademoiselle in the City is back in the newest issue of London’s Chic Today magazine! Check it out at:

Mass with Class

Gap by Pierre Hardy

This season’s European ad campaign by Mikael Jansson for Gap was probably an indication that something was in the air, and now we can confirm that Pierre Hardy will indeed be designing a line of shoes for the mass retailer!

Gap by Pierre Hardy includes footwear for both men and women; and will be launching at the end of this year, with a full collection available by Spring 2008!

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