One-Stop Beauty!

Autour de C R

Continuing a sort of beauty train of thought – I adore the way Autour de Christophe Robin feels so entirely intimate and confidential. You may well run into Catherine Deneuve, John Galliano, Penelope Cruz, or Kylie Minogue; but everything is made to feel so relaxed and friendly! You can also book manicures with Bastien Gonzalez, and facial treatments with Joëlle Ciocco; former model, Dorothy Barrick, even sells a capsule collection of her handbags, along with some seriously cute vintage finds! I think I might be happy to live there! 😉

Autour de Christophe Robin, By Appointment only: 9 rue Guénégaud, 75006, Paris, 01 42 60 99 15, M° Pont Neuf, Mabillon, or Odéon

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