Going Gallic!

A tart-red beret from L.A.M.B.

Last Saturday night I thought I would do my part to support France in the Rugby World Cup! No, I didn’t buy some sketchy tickets on eBay and fly to Cardiff; and no, I didn’t go in search of official rugby paraphernalia and paint my face in blue, white, and red! Instead, I decided to wear a blue and white striped mini-dress (that looked très, très French) and don a beret! First of all, I was just meeting a crew of sports-mad French boys, who probably wouldn’t have batted an eye if I had shown up in just a big t-shirt, but I do think that dressing and “creating a mood” is seriously tied in general to a sort of collected consciousness, and going Gallic for the evening was my part in supporting France through the general consciousness! (let’s just liken it to the same spirit as boys screaming comments at a television screen!).

In the end, I have to admit that the beret did stay at home, because instead of being the pièce de résistance, it turned out to be way too over-the-top!

However, my plan was obviously successful, and I think we all know who to really thank for the magnificent victory of Les Blues over the Blacks! 😉

And now the pressure is on!!! (what to wear next Saturday night….!)

Rugby Rocks!


They say that rugby is the gentleman’s sport – so gentlemen wanting to buy some more time in the pub or in front of the screen for the Rugby World Cup might want to think of offering this little bauble in pink gold and green tourmaline! Apart of the L’Art Emmêlé collection, which will be showcased at a special auction and gala dinner to benefit the Laureus Fondation on October 18th. BTW Allez les Bleus!!


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