Glamorama in Paris

Karen Mulder ©Rindof-Bellak / Agence Angeli

Vincent Darré, Eva Herzigova, Bernard-Henri Lévy, Arielle Dombasle © Rindoff-Bellak / Agence Angeli

Major glamorama in Paris! Join Karen Mulder, Natalia Vodianova, Ellen von Unwerth, Arielle Dombasle, Lou Doillon, Ali Mahdavi, Béatrice Dalle, Aure Atika and friends as they celebrate the launch of the Eva Herzigova collection for 1.2.3. at a private party in Paris.


Valentino to open a museum outside of Paris

Chateau de Wideville © Ministère de la Culture

Fashion designer Valentino Garavini has announced plans to open a fashion museum outside of Paris.

Get THE FULL STORY HERE on where to find him and all his fashion friends like Gywneth Paltrow!

Latest Kate Moss news from Paris

Kate Moss © Musée des Arts Décoratifs

Kate Moss is sure to be disappointed! We breaks some huge news about the supermodel on our blog!


Jean Paul Gaultier shows in Paris!

Jean Paul Gaultier

Spring has sprung! Wondering what Jean Paul Gaultier is up to?

For all the details and a chance to meet him in Paris get THE FULL STORY HERE

Audrey Tautou, shopping in Paris!

Rue Henry Monnier © chicsetera 2010

Rue Henry Monnier © chicsetera 2010

Audrey Tautou can be spotted here! Find out why rue Henry Monnier is one of the hottest new places to shop and dine in Paris!



A Jolie Scoop

Angelina Jolie

The rumour mills are working overtime for the latest Brangelina pregnancy – everyone has been whispering twins – while French paparazzi will be intrigued to learn the Jolie-Pitts may be planning to deliver in France!! A tribute to Angelina’s mother Marcheline Bertrand, who passed away last year.

Everyone wants to DJ!

Chloë Sevigny cycling in Soho

One of the biggest scoops of this week’s fashion week is all about who is DJing and for whom! It seems everyone wants to thrown in their musical two cents! Last night English designer Gareth Pugh was a surprise addition to a Richard Mortimer (of Boombox fame) party. This weekend will see French actress Joana Preiss promoting her new album and spinning at a Rock & Republic party at the Hôtel de Crillon. And Saturday night’s Colette/Self Service party at Le Lup will feature two very hush-hush guests: YSL designer Stefano Pilati and actress/designer Chloë Sevigny!! Get your groove on!!

Advance notice!

Christian Louboutin & Oprah Winfrey

Getting your fashion-obsessed friends in New York (and/or the rest of America) to record an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show isn’t a usual “must-do”, but with a special episode featuring shoe-designer Christian Louboutin to be aired on January 18th, you will want to start lining up those friends and their DVD players. Or if you’re super organised you can slingbox it. Either way, notice has been given: Oprah! Christian Louboutin! A mini-film of Christian in Paris! January 18th! Ooh la la!

Get kornered!

Korner, The Serum

The danger of writing a Paris fashion blog is that it turns into a Colette fan blog! Granted, Colette are probably the most interesting retailer in Paris, have the sweetest collaborations, and are the recognised arbiters of cool; but I’ve decided to promise myself only to include them for something really exceptional. I haven’t been in there for a while now, so yesterday I was beside myself to see they’re selling Korner skincare! Korner is the secret weapon used by Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts. Their serum is a dream product, and one that I am happy to tell you to go out and get asap!

 Colette, 213 rue St. Honoré, 75001 Paris, 01 55 35 33 90, M° Tuileries


One-Stop Beauty!

Autour de C R

Continuing a sort of beauty train of thought – I adore the way Autour de Christophe Robin feels so entirely intimate and confidential. You may well run into Catherine Deneuve, John Galliano, Penelope Cruz, or Kylie Minogue; but everything is made to feel so relaxed and friendly! You can also book manicures with Bastien Gonzalez, and facial treatments with Joëlle Ciocco; former model, Dorothy Barrick, even sells a capsule collection of her handbags, along with some seriously cute vintage finds! I think I might be happy to live there! 😉

Autour de Christophe Robin, By Appointment only: 9 rue Guénégaud, 75006, Paris, 01 42 60 99 15, M° Pont Neuf, Mabillon, or Odéon

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