Looking for Mr. Right

BHV competition

Like the thousands of single girls, the BHV has joined in the race to find Mr. Right, or 8 Mr. Rights to be exact. Starting tomorrow and Friday from 15h to 20h (if you think you have what it takes to be featured in a major advertising campaign and catalogue) potential Mr. Rights may present themselves at 36 rue de la Verrerie in the 4th. All ages, all sizes, and all styles will be considered!


Krazy for Karl

Karl Lagerfeld and Valentino

Having recently told press he could never think of retiring like Valentino (“Fashion is about today and tomorrow, not about yesterday. If you have to be taken seriously because you have a heavy past, I don’t think it’s a good thing. I don’t want to remember, I want to do things and go ahead.”) the Karl Lagerfeld machine keeps pumping: Rodolphe Marconi’s “Karl Lagerfeld Confidentiel” hits theatres on Oct. 10th, and Lagerfeld himself will be the guest Editor-in-Chief of Paris Première programming on Oct. 12th (he has scheduled programmes like the Actors Studio with Johnny Depp; and movies like Robert Wiene’s The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari). He edited October’s German Vogue supplement (including shoots with Claudia Schiffer in Deauville), and will also be shooting the upcoming Spring campaign for Dior Homme.

I was amused to see his appearance at the Playboy party this week, Lagerfeld shot the cover feature with 99 F actress Vahina Giocante. He descended into the paparazzi frenzied crowd with friends like Lady Amanda Harlech and Interview EIC Ingrid Sischy. It’s not every day you get to see Playboy bunnies nestling on either side of Karl, and it did make me smile, but of course, it’s probably just another average day in the crazy life…

Mass with Class

Gap by Pierre Hardy

This season’s European ad campaign by Mikael Jansson for Gap was probably an indication that something was in the air, and now we can confirm that Pierre Hardy will indeed be designing a line of shoes for the mass retailer!

Gap by Pierre Hardy includes footwear for both men and women; and will be launching at the end of this year, with a full collection available by Spring 2008!



Food for thought…

Aquascutum, Gisele and Jamie

OK, so let’s say I could have worked on Monday’s blog post this weekend, and in fact I did have a lot of work that needed attending to; however, somehow that all got waylaid for plans with friends (movies, dinners, drinks, dancing!); and then, although I’m slightly embarrassed to admit it, Harry Potter! HP is not very fashion, however young Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) is one of the new faces for Chanel, so let’s say there’s some (albeit slight) relevance 😉

In fact, I did interview the extremely talented men’s shoe designer, Pierre Corthay, on Friday afternoon; and not too long ago I paid a visit to women’s wear designer David Szeto, in his atelier. However, both are things I will be writing about for other magazines, so will not be gracing the pages of this blog.

Sad to say, but I do need to finish some work asap, so that I can get back to the last 100 pages of Harry Potter, so I will leave you with some eye candy/food for thought! Above is a shot from the soon-to-be-released Fall/Winter ad campaign for Aquascutum, shot by Mario Sorrenti. Discuss amongst yourselves: the ad features Gisele Bündchen and Jamie Dornan, two hot entities independent of each other, so is it just me, or does this picture have absolutely zero heat?

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