A Jolie Scoop

Angelina Jolie

The rumour mills are working overtime for the latest Brangelina pregnancy – everyone has been whispering twins – while French paparazzi will be intrigued to learn the Jolie-Pitts may be planning to deliver in France!! A tribute to Angelina’s mother Marcheline Bertrand, who passed away last year.

8 thoughts on “A Jolie Scoop

  1. In a way a much more glamorous destination than their previous one for labor. And she looks the part! (minus that green thing she is carrying…what IS it?)

    I have added you as a link, love the fashion scoop 🙂

  2. the green thing it’s a plastic bag 😉 with something in it. Looks like books, but who knows? Either way, she’s facing a tough pregnancy with that diabetes condition…

  3. Oh it´s a very romantic scoop!I´m in love of Brad Pitt and I adore Angelina´s personality too. They are an adorable couple and Paris is a marvellous city.

  4. Gosh – that is funny….she didn’t like giving birth in the backwater of Africa again? I thought Angie felt it was important to give birth in places like Namibia to raise awareness of the place and to help it out economically? So, now…..with the dollar plunging against the Euro – she has decided to bring tons of global attention to – Paris? Huh? Or maybe that was just a one-time, no fun, experiment…..that whole silly “give birth in a third world country” concept she decided on for the birth of her first child? Sorry Shiloh! You might be eligible for a dual citizenship with Namibia now, but your new sibs can get an EU passport along with an American one. How chic….but you will probably be the prettier one anyway, so who cares? We hope. 🙂

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