Mmm… donuts!

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This has not become a food blog, I promise! But I’m so excited about my find yesterday! Coffee Union is an independent coffee shop offering real American donuts!! There are currently 13 different flavours, but there will be 20 by the end of the month, and everything is available for delivery. Homer Simpson would be proud.

Coffee Union, 11 blvd des Filles du Calvaire, 75003 Paris, 01 42 77 51 99, M° Filles du Calvaire

7 thoughts on “Mmm… donuts!

  1. Oh.My.God. This sounds like EXACTLY the kind of place I need for an American food fix — I wonder how authentic the bagels are? Because it’s SO HARD to come across a decent bagel in this city, and it baffles me! Granted, we’re certainly not at a loss when it comes to fabulous bread, and most of the time I’m THRILLED to be eating delicious bread with beurre salé and confiture de figues, but every once in a while an American gal just needs her bagels! (OK, and her DONUTS.) Thanks for the info — I’m going to go check out the hours on their website. I’m supposed to have dinner with some friends in that neighborhood on Friday night, and I may just drop by to get some bagels & donuts for the weekend…

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