Introducing Richard Prince

Richard Prince for Louis Vuitton

Above, Richard Prince logo handbag with Henny Youngman jokes.

Normally I’m not that interested in Louis Vuitton handbags, even the past artistic collaborations, but I really like the look of next season’s Richard Prince bags unveiled recently during Paris Fashion Week. Prince is a mega-star in the world of contemporary art, and has never failed to skirt controversy with his rephotographed images, some say bordering on copyright infringement and certainly questioning the hallowed concept of artistic originality and authorship (normally a major concern at luxury houses worldwide, especially Louis Vuitton). While Marc Jacobs is obviously very clued into the art scene, I think a Richard Prince collaboration at Vuitton is certainly a very cheeky and entertaining concept deserving notice, comment, and probably even a little welcomed criticism.


5 thoughts on “Introducing Richard Prince

  1. I love Marc J… but Do you think he initiated Richard Prince partnership, or is it Bernard Arnault himself (who loves art) who contacted him ? I agree with Vivia, MJ can do no wrong, but i ve got the feeling he is a little down these days (any lack of inspiration ? which could have caused a curious show weeks ago ?)…

  2. It’s an interesting concept but the bag itself is not really aesthetically attractive for me. I’d feel like I was carrying a concept as opposed to a bag I love if I had this….

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