Ahhh.. Bellissima!

Belladone Island

I walked past Galignani’s last week and noticed that Belladone Island was featured prominently in their window. Belladonna is the toxic plant Renaissance Italian women used to dilate their pupils (a sign of sexual arousal) and which grows in abundance on Belladone, the imaginary island created by Victoire de Castellane for her line of haute-joaillerie at Dior.

Illustrated by Guido Mocafico and curated by Eric Troncy, I am totally mesmerised by this book and Victoire’s stunning pieces like the “Reina Magnifica Sangria,” “Poisono Misterius Spinella, and “Dracula Spinella Devorus.”

Galignani, 224 rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, 01 42 60 76 07, M° Tuileries


2 thoughts on “Ahhh.. Bellissima!

  1. i’m infatuated with the application of belladonna in the eyes as well. what a woman will do for the illusion of sexiness…totally random note recently came across the belladonna in a homeopathic formula for baby teething…kind of wild huh?

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