The Trials and Tribulations of Fashion Week

Fashion Show Pandemonium

A few times a year the fashion pack is known to descend on Paris. This involves a lot of work, from a lot of very talented people; and for a freelance journalist (comme moi) a huge headache! It’s in times like this that I thank God I only cover Paris, because I’m not certain how I could get anything done (without an assistant) if I was also in New York, London, and Milan.

I sent out my first requests over three weeks ago, but had only a few responses. Being polite, I waited until this week to follow up on my initial requests (which really means waiting for the press offices to devise a clear pecking order). Some people might inexplicably say no the first time, which means emailing back attaching tantalising stories I have already written, which they might miss out on if they don’t allow me access!

Aside from the official fashion week, there is also an “off” calendar; and if that weren’t hectic enough, many designers will choose to show only in a private showroom presentation (like this season at Ungaro, who currently have no Creative Director). This means creating a complicated schedule of appointments and shows, for all of which you are likely to be at least 45-60 minutes late!

The other headache involved in fashion week is planning your fashion week wardrobe. Anything really goes if you wear it with style, however it’s not one of those times that I just let myself wake up in the morning and put on whatever I feel like. Outfits (yes, real outfits – especially in the Fall) must be meticulously thought out in the finest detail.

Despite all of this effort, there is nothing more fun than attending a full calender of shows! My survival tips include champagne, hors d’oeuvres, taxis, and a good fashion week buddy. Let the games begin!

Paris Fashion Week, September 29th-October 7th


4 thoughts on “The Trials and Tribulations of Fashion Week

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  2. Oh yes – I have attended about fifteen-ish shows and showrooms and that has been crazy enough! And to top it off I have a 10am tomorrow at YSL after Nuit Blanche! I suppose I shouldn’t really complain

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