Marc Jacobs, Paris bound?

Marc Jacobs

With attendees up in arms over the two-hour delay for his New York Marc Jacobs presentation (he was accused of being spotted dining and then drinking at the bar in the Mercer Hotel), Marc Jacobs has told critics they can shut up or stay home! According to Jacobs, he was in the studio and then rushed home to his suite at the Mercer for a quick shower. After all the drama, Jacobs is now considering moving the entire collection to Paris! CFDA President Diane von Furstenberg called Jacobs this morning, and is desperate to change his mind! Furstenberg was quoted as saying “he represents so much in American fashion. It would be really horrible to lose him….I am ready to beg in front of his pavement.” Stay tuned for more!!


2 thoughts on “Marc Jacobs, Paris bound?

  1. I feel that MJ is MUCH better suited for Europe, actually. He is SO much more European than American – regardless of what it says on his passport. And besides…he isn’t even allowed to smoke anywhere in the U.S. anymore!

    Bon voyage, Marc…all the well-heeled Americans will be happy to travel to YOU in the future! Don’t you worry!

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