Quel bonheur!

Institut de Bonheur

This summer there was only one place I wanted to go on a Saturday night! My memories are of a secret idyllic party universe, where everyone is beautiful; the champagne never stops flowing; the music is fun, fun, fun; and even though you might have to sacrifice your favourite shoes, you wouldn’t blink an eye! Just as you would think, the Institut de Bonheur is true joy, true fun, true happiness!

Unfortunately, all good things must come to end, and this Saturday’s edition will be the last! I’ll cry when it’s over, but for the moment, I just want to dance! 🙂

PS – Tomorrow night le déguisement est obligatoire!

Institut de Bonheur, rte de Sèvres, Jardins de Bagatelle


A New Muse

Loulou de la Falaise front row at Oscar de la Renta Resort 2008

Zac Posen has said she is the type of woman he designs for, “imaginative, individual, and forever chic.” While Hubert de Givenchy calls her style “personal, elegant and refined.” After working for over 30 years as a muse for Yves Saint Laurent, Loulou de la Falaise is now rumoured to be partnering with Oscar de la Renta, for a line of jewellery to be presented at his Fall/Winter presentation in New York next February. Pictured above at the Oscar de la Renta Resort 2008 show, it’s obvious this is the beginning of a beautiful partnership.



Tenue Glamour Exigée

Tonight I am organising a group of friends to attend the fabulous Gentry Lane’s Gentry de Paris Burlesque Revue. However, since this weekend, I have been wondering what to wear! This season I have adopted dressing up for the simple pleasure of dressing up. That means leaving the jeans at home, and always putting in that extra effort that makes one feel pretty, and ready to be charming at a party.

On Saturday night I decided to wear a fuschia empire baby doll dress to Rossy de Palma and Etienne de Swardt’s party in the Orangerie de Bagatelle. After all, the theme was about roses, so it seemed obvious! But tonight, with burlesque on the menu, and “tenue glamour exigée”, I have been thinking about which Fall trends would be most at home.

Though this season was more subdued, stand-out accessories are really the perfect recourse to create an effortlessly glamourous look. 

I am thinking of Roger Vivier’s Rose ‘n’ Roll sandal:

Leather and Satin Rose ‘n’ Roll sandal by Roger Vivier

Or Burberry’s black matte leather corset belt:

Black matte leather corset belt by Burberry

You can’t really go wrong channelling Dita von Teese’s cinched waists and 1950’s glamour. In fact John Galliano’s Fall 07/08 collection for Christian Dior would be perfect!

In any event, half the fun of dressing up is seeing what others are wearing, so I can’t wait to see people’s interpretations of tenue glamour tonight!

Gentry de Paris Burlesque Revue

Gentry de Paris Burlesque Revue, from 20h00

Divan du Monde, 75 rue des Martyrs, 75018 Paris, M°Pigalle or Abbesses


The Trials and Tribulations of Fashion Week

Fashion Show Pandemonium

A few times a year the fashion pack is known to descend on Paris. This involves a lot of work, from a lot of very talented people; and for a freelance journalist (comme moi) a huge headache! It’s in times like this that I thank God I only cover Paris, because I’m not certain how I could get anything done (without an assistant) if I was also in New York, London, and Milan.

I sent out my first requests over three weeks ago, but had only a few responses. Being polite, I waited until this week to follow up on my initial requests (which really means waiting for the press offices to devise a clear pecking order). Some people might inexplicably say no the first time, which means emailing back attaching tantalising stories I have already written, which they might miss out on if they don’t allow me access!

Aside from the official fashion week, there is also an “off” calendar; and if that weren’t hectic enough, many designers will choose to show only in a private showroom presentation (like this season at Ungaro, who currently have no Creative Director). This means creating a complicated schedule of appointments and shows, for all of which you are likely to be at least 45-60 minutes late!

The other headache involved in fashion week is planning your fashion week wardrobe. Anything really goes if you wear it with style, however it’s not one of those times that I just let myself wake up in the morning and put on whatever I feel like. Outfits (yes, real outfits – especially in the Fall) must be meticulously thought out in the finest detail.

Despite all of this effort, there is nothing more fun than attending a full calender of shows! My survival tips include champagne, hors d’oeuvres, taxis, and a good fashion week buddy. Let the games begin!

Paris Fashion Week, September 29th-October 7th


Foodie Pursuits in Paris

Remembrance of Things Paris

This is my new favourite book! I was recently looking for something to read in between meetings, and while on the métro, deciding in the end that an anthology of short stories was the way to go. While at WH Smith looking at cookbooks, I happen to glance upon “Remembrance of Things Paris: 60 Years of Writing from Gourmet”. I was charmed immediately! I love Gourmet magazine, and what better than to read a collection of their best reviews from Paris! What I wasn’t expecting was for the portraits to be so gloriously vivid, and still entirely relevant to today’s diner. I have since discovered where the word “bistrot” comes from (something I quizzed a French friend about recently, who actually had no idea!), seen the birth of many of my favourite restaurants, and drooled over some of most fantastic recipes (like Oeufs Reine Amélie… mmm) that are unlikely to be recreated in our lifetime, if ever!


The Russians are here!

Moscopolis - Espace Louis Vuitton

Above : murals by Valery Chtak; Below : collection of objects by Alexandre Brodsky © Louis Vuitton images

It’s not every day that Russia comes to the Champs-Elysées, so if last night’s “Moscopolis” vernissage was any indication, having received the royal Vuitton welcome, Moscow is here to stay (or at least until December 31st!). You don’t need to grab your furs for this exhibition, but the air is defintely fresh, as the Espace Louis Vuitton exhibits 11 Russian artists who will transport you through their unique vision of the capital.

Espace Louis Vuitton, 60 rue de Bassano, 75008 Paris, 01 53 57 52 03, M° Georges V


Coming Soon!

Coming Soon

If the name Coming Soon doesn’t whet your appetite, the man behind the new label will almost certainly pique your interest: Yohji Yamamoto is the force behind this forthcoming “supercasual” line for men and women, slated to be unveiled this January. But for Yohji fans who can’t wait, the new Y-3 store in Paris is certain to be a huge hit, the opening of which will be celebrated at a party on October 4th during Fashion Week!



Mercredi Rendez-Vous

Rendez-vous @ Colette

Since the beginning of September Colette and Rendez-Vous Magazine have been hosting a themed cocktail every Wednesday at the water-bar. Tonight join their ciné-evening with special guests Olivier Panchot and Clémence Poésy!

Colette, 213 rue St. Honoré, 75001 Paris, 01 55 35 33 90, M° Tuileries


We all love Rossy!

Eau de Protection by Etat Libre d’Orange

It all began with a rose. Well.. actually, it all began with Etienne de Swardt, founder of Etat Libre d’Orange, who happened to meet Spanish actress Rossy de Palma, who happened to dream of creating her own fragrance. And then “noses” Antoine Lie and Antoine Maisondieu got involved, and that’s when the rose came in, because the rose is Rossy’s favourite flower, and lines the garden of her house in Madrid. Together they created Eau de Protection, a scent which is at once spicy, dramatic, powerful, romantic, and (trust me) entirely bewitching! I can’t remember the last time I fell in love so completely with a fragrance, but this one is sooooo beautiful!

Etat Libre d’Orange, 69 rue des Archives, 75003 Paris, 01 42 78 30 09, M° Hôtel de Ville or Rambuteau


Ssshhh.. it’s private!

Private by Visionaire

There seems to be no end to the latest Marc Jacobs furor, however the designer himself is gearing up for one of the most revealing personal insights ever, as the guest-editor of Visionaire’s upcoming Private edition. Sponsored by Louis Vuitton, and to be sold in a limited-edition gold monogrammed case; Marc Jacobs and Visionaire co-founder Stephan Gan, have called on a bevy of beautiful people to pose nude for their pages. Celebs include Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Mariah Carey, Drew Barrymore, Scarlett Johansson, and Selma Blair; along with the usual tops like Gisele Bündchen, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Jamie Dornan, Daria Werbowy and Natalia Vodianova. Jacobs himself appears in one of the last spreads, and according to a Visionaire staffer, were not retouched!


Marc Jacobs, Paris bound?

Marc Jacobs

With attendees up in arms over the two-hour delay for his New York Marc Jacobs presentation (he was accused of being spotted dining and then drinking at the bar in the Mercer Hotel), Marc Jacobs has told critics they can shut up or stay home! According to Jacobs, he was in the studio and then rushed home to his suite at the Mercer for a quick shower. After all the drama, Jacobs is now considering moving the entire collection to Paris! CFDA President Diane von Furstenberg called Jacobs this morning, and is desperate to change his mind! Furstenberg was quoted as saying “he represents so much in American fashion. It would be really horrible to lose him….I am ready to beg in front of his pavement.” Stay tuned for more!!


60 reasons to say I love you!


I shudder to think of a world without Repetto! – no respite for your sore tootsies after an evening of dancing, the panic to find some other flats that look impossibly chic in a matter of seconds, and an end to toe cleavage! Thankfully we don’t need to envision a world without them, which gives us all the more reason to celebrate their 60th anniversary! To mark the occasion 60 artists, dancers, designers (like Jean-Paul Gaultier) and actors (like Catherine Deneuve and Charlotte Gainsbourg) have each designed a custom pair of shoes, which will be exhibited in their rue de la Paix store from September 27th! (an avant-première was also available at the salon du prêt-à-porter). Additionally, Colette will also be selling the famous Brigitte Bardot flats starting September 20th! I hope to be first in line! 😉

Repetto, 22 rue de la Paix, 75002 Paris, 01 44 71 83 20, M° Opéra

Also Mademoiselle in the City is back in the newest issue of London’s Chic Today magazine! Check it out at:


La galerie des galeries


CONCAVE, 2006 by Éric Baudart
Collection Ginette Moulin / Guillaume Houzé / Courtesy Galerie Chez Valentin

Keen to make your shopping experience a bit more cerebral? Starting tomorrow Galeries Lafayette launches Antidote 2007, an exhibition featuring the work of 10 contemporary artists-to-watch. This year’s galerie has been completely redesigned by competition-winner Pascal Grasso. A must-go!

Galeries Lafayette, 40 blvd Haussmann, 75009 Paris, M° Chaussée d’Antin or Havre-Caumartin




Gentry de Paris Burlesque Revue

We love lingerie! We love burlesque! We love champagne! We love glamour! Bring them all together and what do you have? The seriously fabulous and totally drop-dead sexy Gentry de Paris Burlesque Revue! Reserve your tickets today!



Rugby Rocks!


They say that rugby is the gentleman’s sport – so gentlemen wanting to buy some more time in the pub or in front of the screen for the Rugby World Cup might want to think of offering this little bauble in pink gold and green tourmaline! Apart of the L’Art Emmêlé collection, which will be showcased at a special auction and gala dinner to benefit the Laureus Fondation on October 18th. BTW Allez les Bleus!!


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