Time for some summer resolutions

Cadolle Paris

My favourite time of year by far, to make new resolutions, is in the summer: there’s no pressure to effect any miracles; it’s warm, which is conducive to a dreamy state-of-mind; and the promise of September (still enjoying your summer tan, looking great in Fall clothes) is a very strong motivator! Today I was contemplating my sartorial resolutions, and I decided that number one on my list was to start buying beautiful underwear. By that, I don’t mean more Agent Provocateur or La Perla! But really fine, seriously fabulous, handmade, couture, undergarments. And of course it would practically be a sin to go anywhere else than Loft Cadolle. 

Poupie Cadolle, like the generations of Cadolle women before her, is a serious connoisseur; and with the lovely Céline, personally oversees all loft fittings. Together you can choose which models, which fabrics, which colours, and which finishings! It’s enough to make you feel dizzy!  That said, I would certainly be interested to hear what your summer resolutions might be! But of course, if they’re Loft Cadolle, you know you can’t go wrong!

Loft Cadolle, 255 rue St. Honoré, 75001 Paris, 01 42 60 94 94, M° Concorde or Tuileries



4 thoughts on “Time for some summer resolutions

  1. Well – my Summer resolution is to find a terrific boyfriend by Fall, so I will have someone to chill out with in the cool Winter months….

    That said – hopefully my future boyfriend’s resolution will be to get me outfitted in couture lingerie! I have to say – I’d definitely be a willing participant in that venture!

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