Saturday Night Fever! AKA Bastille Day..

Patrick Gries, Paris - Fondation Cartier

If fighter planes practising formations in the sky aren’t an indication that something’s up – let me be the first to remind you – Bastille Day is on Saturday! You might not be certain why you’re celebrating it, but as they say, when in Rome.. well, when in France, it definitely would be a shame to miss what is certain to be the street party of the year!

Les bals des pompiers are without a doubt the most well known; the 11th arrondisement is organising their fourth scavenger hunt, known as the Incroyable Rallye, produced by Cédric Klapisch and Madame Renée; and Nicolas Sarkozy has even promised a large concert at the base of the Eiffel Tower (rumoured to include artists like Michel Polnareff). However, the party at the top of my list will be the Grand Bal Rock or the Grand Hop, held by the Fondation Cartier as apart of their Nomadic Nights series. The Jean Nouvel building will be transformed into a 1950’s dancehall, swinging to the tunes of Elvis and Big Joe Turner, poodle skirts and bobby socks strongly encouraged! Definitely a fun way to rock the night away!


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