Goodbye Mojito, Adeus Caipirinha! Bonjour Piscine!


If being trapped in an office all day long has got you down, imagine lounging by the pool in St Tropez, or moored in your yacht off Costa Smeralda: you’ve just thrown off your Melissa Odabash Fru lace dress ( and you’re wearing your new to-die-for Zimmerman & Tooshie halterneck bikini ( Sven, your fitness trainer/summer fling has kindly offered to make drinks, but how could you possibly think of ruining that pretty picture by requesting a mojito or a caipirinha?! Just because it’s warm doesn’t mean you should stoop to join the masses! In such cases as this, your only possible chic recourse is to ask for a Piscine – a delightfully refreshing mix of champagne and ice. And just in time, Piper-Heidsieck have created their own special Piscine glasses to accompany their Cuvée Brut – comme c’est magnifique!       


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Mojito, Adeus Caipirinha! Bonjour Piscine!

  1. Oh come on…For us frenchies, the piscine cocktail is just for stupid tourists. Please don’t ruin the champagne by putting ice cubes in it, you should be ashamed. Good champagne should be enjoyed alone, in purposely glass. If you want to be smart on the french riviera, just ask for “donnez-moi une flute de champagne s’il vous plait” with your english accent. This is sooo more chic !

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