Boys will be boys


Wrapping today is the very steamy Men’s Fashion calendar, showing us what to expect for Spring-Summer 2008. Milan gave a mix of Mediterranean flair, bold graphics, and ultra-modern techno fabrics, all topped by an ever-growing interest in shoes and accessories; while comparitively, Paris seemed more casual, with buyers going wild for the new wearability at Givenchy, and awaiting the first contributions by Kris van Assche, who has replaced Hedi Slimane, at Dior Homme.

Military themes were obvious everywhere, but no where like the road warriors from John Galliano’s muscle-haven Venice Beach; and in the end, even if boys will be boys, the pressure to carry the latest male “it” bag from the likes of Fendi, Burberry or Louis Vuitton has just increased exponentially!

The ladies’ haute couture collections start tomorrow with a bang: the very enviable 60th anniversary celebrations for Dior (rumoured to be a major supermodel reunion), which will be sumptiously fêted at Versailles!


One thought on “Boys will be boys

  1. We love the boys, the boys that go BOOM!
    Ooh la la. Thanks for the Euro blog – it wouldn’t be Girl and the City without it =)

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